brand identity

Settle down at the table with Nel and Felix.

This iconic restaurant from 1985 was continued by the second generation. In 2011 Felix and Nel took over the restaurant from Felix' parents. The excellent bistro cuisine was adapted and refined according to their own taste and creativity. Highly seasonal products and local producers are the hallmarks of the kitchen. A unique character, in need of an appropriate identity.

typography & colours

To reflect the unique character of the restaurant, we opted for the characterful, unconventional Manier font. Together with geometric patterns found in ancient carpets and powerful colours inspired by Farrow&Ball's paints, we created an identity that is unique and recognisable through all touchpoints of the brand.


We opted for the use of paper that resembles the geometric texture of carpets. The same structure can be found in the menu folders: a grey version for the food and a blue one (referring to the tiles behind the bar) for the wines. A razor sharp embossing completes the picture.


With acoustic elements inspired by the graphic elements, unique Farrow&Ball colours and natural textures, architect Bjorn Verlinde made a perfect match between the identity and interior. Grey tones, a warm orange and deep blue accents characterise the atmosphere. A central wine cabinet forms a key element with various exclusive and natural wines.


A minimalist website displays the character and identity of the restaurant. Using fresh food photography in combination with the pronounced typography and colour, we create a unique and recognisable entity. By means of a simple menu, customers can navigate through the fundamental things of the restaurant: reservation, menu, gift voucher and contact.